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What Effect A Yield Surge Will Have On Stocks

Article Summary An increase in yields might bring short term volatility, but could also be a good sign long term. History shows that a steady increase in interest rates won’t adversely impact yields. The bond sell-off in Europe is helping to drive yields higher... read more

Disruptive Companies To Watch Out For

Article Summary Disruptive technologies in 3-D printing and the “Internet of Things” is a breeding ground for high growth disruptive companies. The 3-D printing market is expected to increase fivefold by 2020 from $4 billion to $21 billion. Growth in the IoT industry... read more

3 Key Drivers For Economic Growth

Article Summary Oil at $60 per barrel will stem worker layoffs and revive the energy sector while stimulating further economic growth. Corporate earnings are improving with more upward revisions and upside EPS surprises, evidence that the weakness in the first quarter... read more

How To Play The Second Quarter

Article Summary The 2nd quarter is on track for growth of 3.5% as opposed to the 1st quarter’s anemic flat performance. The Fed will drive market performance as the interest rate hike draws near. Lowered guidance during the 1st quarter could become a tailwind... read more

How Much Of A Correction Do We Really Need?

Article Summary The money supply is at all-time highs and grown around 40% in the last 5 years. The velocity of money in the 80’s is similar to what we’re seeing right now and could be an indicator that inflation may be headed back up this year. Housing... read more

What’s Fueling Stock Gains Overseas?

Article Summary U.S. stock gains have been relatively mild compared to the strength occurring overseas. Stocks in international markets remain undervalued based on the underlying CAPE ratio and average dividend yield. Currency devaluation is triggering new multi-month... read more

Finding Value Stocks In Energy

Article Summary Oil will balance itself and trend higher as growth kicks in from depressed prices and eats into oversupply concerns. Devon Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources and Southwestern Energy are a few onshore drillers that have stronger balance sheets to weather... read more

Why The U.S. Will Dominate Markets In 2015

Article Summary Falling energy prices may be cause for volatility but historically has limited negative correlation to broad equity prices. There is a very strong correlation of broadly falling commodity prices and the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar. A combination... read more

5 Things To Watch For In 2015

Article Summary Oil headwinds will inevitably subside as prices push lower and we should see prices then trend higher as we go into the latter half of the year. Small caps should outperform due to lower energy prices and the impact of a strong US Dollar on larger cap... read more

Top Speculative Stocks That Analysts Are Missing

Article Summary Small cap speculative stocks are often ignored by analysts, creating an opportunity to exploit pricing inefficiencies. Bona Film Group, Destination Maternity, Global Power Equipment Group, and Iridium Communications are uncovered stocks that deserve a... read more

The Best Global Market For Your Money

Article Summary Modern diversification requires that we explore overseas markets and not focus just on domestic issues. Compares and contrasts the best developed, emerging and “stealth” market. Exploring opportunities in all three markets can be a great... read more

Risk Versus Reward: Measuring Alpha

Context is everything. Victory over an obstacle needs to have appropriate awards. A win that costs you more than you were willing to pay is known as a Pyrrhic victory – named after the Greek King Pyrrhus who defeated the Romans around 280 B.C. but did so at such a... read more

The Best Stocks In The S&P 500

Article Summary Identifies strong S&P 500 companies in each sector. The fundamentals underlying each sector require a unique screening approach. Despite identifying good companies in each sector, observing from a macro scale is key. As volatility rises in the... read more
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