How To Play The Second Quarter

How To Play The Second Quarter

Article Summary

  • The 2nd quarter is on track for growth of 3.5% as opposed to the 1st quarter’s anemic flat performance.
  • The Fed will drive market performance as the interest rate hike draws near.
  • Lowered guidance during the 1st quarter could become a tailwind during the 2nd quarter as companies stand to surprise on the upside.

The first quarter of 2015 officially ended March 31st and the results are disappointingly lackluster. Data is often revised backwards to adjust for new information, but it would take a huge revision to change the outlook most economists have for the 1st quarter.

GDP growth is expected be between zero and 2% with many firms predicting growth of less than 1%. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta lowered its estimate from 0.3% to 0.2% following a weaker-than-expected report on business spending and investment…


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