Risk Management

We have significant experience in risk management. Our backgrounds are institutional and institutions are all about risk. Our highly trained staff navigates uncertain markets with a savvy combination of experience, insight, and time-tested formula that aims to deliver consistent results. Elite’s objective is to identify and manage threats to protect your portfolio. We closely communicate with you about your needs and thereby manage, for you, market, liquidity, and operational risk.

We maintain sufficient levels of capital to support our views of risk in combination with client needs and directives. Our professional team will help you, the client, create an overall framework for making appropriate investment decisions with full transparency and reporting along the way.

Silo Approach

The silo approach is the traditional approach. Risk is compartmentalized, activities to manage a specific risk are undertaken independently. There is little or no consideration to how one risk might effect another.

Elite Approach

The Elite approach incorporates risk from all sources, measures impact and probability of each risk to quantify the effect on clients objectives. Deals not only with downside or negative risks but upside and positives risks. Leads to an improved understanding of key risks to client goals and greater focus on the risks that might impact our clients.

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