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Do You Have a Scottrade Account?

We can help generate returns and protect your portfolio during periods of market volatility and downturns.

Tired of managing your Scottrade account? Have you had difficulty outperforming the market with your own investments at Scottrade? We are here to help. Elite Wealth Management is an investment manager and financial adviser that can assist with your financial planning and investment goals. Our strategies have outperformed the market and provided downside protection during periods of market volatility and downturns.

If you already have an account with Scottrade, there is no need to switch custodians/brokerages or move over your accounts if you wish to work with us. All you would need to do is simply choose us as your money manager on the platform. Contact us today for more detail on how we can help manage your account at Scottrade.

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fariba-ronnasi“A person is not given integrity, it results from the relentless pursuit of honesty at all times.”

Fariba Ronnasi
CEO, Elite Wealth Management

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Our Mission

Our mission at Elite Wealth Management is twofold: to provide our clients with financial guidance based on their values and priorities, and to provide them the peace of mind and confidence to pursue their financial future – no matter what the markets or life may bring.

Our capabilities are fully aligned to providing the best possible client service and communication along the way. We have extensive experience managing the wealth of high net worth individuals and institutions, and are committed to delivering insightful, informed advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Value is enhanced through a relentless and passionate pursuit of the truth behind how the capital markets behave.

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