We are an investment manager dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for Institutions as well as Broker Dealers. We help deliver cutting-edge financial solutions to enhance your wealth offerings. Our private label services make an important contribution to your competitive positioning and allow you to focus your time and resources on client needs.

Institutional Strategies

Stay up-to-date on our strategies for institutional clients by reviewing their latest factsheets.

Access our strategies two ways via:

1: SMA

(Charles Schwab, Interactive Brokers or Adhesion.)

Elite Wealth Management Charles Schwab

White-Labeling Fees

Elite’s fee schedule for white labeled services where independent third-party investment managers utilize intermediaries responsible for trading and allocations:

  • Up to $100M = 0.30% – 0.35% Annually
  • Next $50M = 0.25% – 0.30% Annually
  • Anything over $150M = 0.20% – 0.25% Annually


Elite’s fee schedule for white-labeled services where independent third-party investment managers utilize Elite’s investment platform/infrastructure (through Adhesion or Interactive Brokers), where Elite is responsible for trading and allocations:

  • Up to $100M = 0.60% Annually
  • Next $50M = 0.55% Annually
  • Anything over $150M = 0.50% Annually
  • provide trade signals.

2: Strategy Licensing Agreement (We provide trade signals)

  • Up to $100M = 0.40% Annually
  • Next $50M = 0.35% Annually
  • Anything over $150M = 0.30% Annually


Benefits of Private Labeling for RIAs and Strategy Licensing Agreements for Brokers Dealers/Investment Advisors:

  • Combine multi-strategy asset allocations with traditional core holdings and alternative/tactical strategies that deliver in bull or bear markets.
  • Cost-effective pricing based on AUM.
  • Month-to-Month Contract – No long-term commitment.
  • You control your client accounts via SMA at your current custodian.
  • For an asset-based monthly fee, we will provide trade signals.

You Work Hard For Your Clients, Let Us Work Hard For You.